Saturday, December 6, 2014

Throwback the year 2013

Today 4/12/2014, will be my last day to conduct handmade workshop in my friend's shop.
Shannon & Brent Cottage will be closing the business by end of December. Soon they will update the news  on the Shannon fan page.

It;s been a year that my friends and i team up to work hard and struggle together to run the handmade shop but.... but finally has failed too.The reason is  that my two friends hardly  have time to run the business on weekdays and i have to take  care of my parents n grandchild on weekdays, and  only can   come in to conduct  workshop on Saturday,  Eventhough we were try struggle not to. But yet still can't , finally my two  friends decide to choose to close the business and  I too respect of  their decisions and appreciate them of  giving their kindness helpful hand of allow me to conduct the workshop in their shop through the past one  year.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


First of all , really sorry that it's been a while i  have not   update my blog . Was busy of some 
unforseen  task causes limited time to update. 
It's fast the year end is coming, a friend of mine has set up a 3 days Children  Holiday Camp
. The children can explore the art and craft on clay workshop- conduct by Teacher Shanny and Hand sew fabric pencil pouch - conduct by me. 
Besides learning art and craft, children can enjoy the fun moment like yoga n dance.
Do come and join us. Let your children fill up the holiday time with our fruitful Craft and Fitness Holiday Camp.

Friday, September 19, 2014

A Homespun Houses Quilt

On April 22, 2014. Started to Play on scrappy paper piecing quilt project this round.
 Every each of  the house block finished size : 11 inches.
Omg , I have 18 blocks to set
. After the 7 blocks done, , have to put it aside. Due to  busy on take care of  my father. He was in and out from the hospital suffering of cancer treatment , 
And besides this ,  was  busy of conduct handmade workshop on Saturday too.
I was completely stress at that time.   My mind was just blank

To be aware of physical sensation, . My hubby encouraged  and took me for running to release the tension. And i feel i have the strength and energy towards it.  Many  thanks and appreciations  to   hubby who support me.
July,2014, I was happy , my father was getting well after the treatment .
And i am back on my reality to warm the machine and finished all the blocks.

Finish basting.., the sandwich is ready
to quilt by my trusty, old, worn out _ _ sewing machine. 
It takes a lickin' but keeps on stitchin' ! 
Happy quilting !!! - 9/8/2014.

The quilt was completely done . The quilt finished size: 60 inches x 92 inches.
Someone love it and took home.
It's sold - with thanks.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Handmade Workshop on 16/8 , 21/8 and 22/8/ 2014

With thanks to the TongXues  who have attend for  our  applique and bags sewing class.
Erm, erm... TongXues said aplique is like playing the puzzle..... heheeeee.....

Sling Bag completed by TongXue Alice,

TongXue Leong said sewing applique is like playing puzzle. It's fun...

TongXue Alice pump in for the applique key pouch

Monday, July 21, 2014


Done and //dusted.
Little cutie bear completed by TongXue Chnng. 

Handmade Class Conduct by :

TongXue Alice
Her focus on......
Had finally completed Doctor Frame Bag.

Photo credited to:  Irene.

 Happy weekend with one of the sweetie TongXue Samantha, who had completed the project. (28/6/14)
She sew a Doctor Frame Bag ,as a gift to her best friend will migrate soon. Big Clap on her effort.

Handmade Workshop 0n 27/6/2014. ( Pencil Pouch & Doctor Frame Bag)

Tongxue Alice is amazing, she done two project and completed in one day.
Oops, after Alice left, only realised that did not take a snap on the Doctor Frame Bag.

Handmade Workshop on 27/6/2014.
Draw string pouch completed by TongXue Ellias.

Friday, May 2, 2014


Great sessions with Running Academy.
Small competition of  sprint runs and hill runs, push up, front squart and strength workout... on 19/4/2014. - Had managed to compete with others and won a pair of Skechers ultra  running shoes Cost RM399. 
Thanks to Coach Olya  Kudryavtseva from Running Academy support by Skechers had given the moral support to push me forward. I was very happy to reach  part of my target. Indeed will go all way out to achieve my personal  best time in the coming marathon.

Friday, April 11, 2014


20 CM Doctor frame kou jin pouch

Pic A) The template measurement.
Fabric and Lining follow the template and mark accordingly,  center, left start point and right end point.

B) Face fabrics - 2 pcs
     Lining - 2 pcs
     interface - Thick - 2 pcs, Thin - 2 pcs
     Zip - 35CM or 38CM
     Kou jin - 20CM
     Zip end closer (Fabric)  - 2 pcs ( size: 5CM x 7 CM)
    Zip :  Mark 1 CM line from the both end .


C) Sewing zip end closer
     Place the fabric n sew 1 CM , fold to the top and stitch. Same procedure on the other side.
     Picture D as below show the complete of zip end close

E and F )   Fold zip and mark center line. Place zip and fabric both to the center , draw the line accordingly.
                  Place the double sized glue on the start point and end point on four side.

 G and H ) Remove top and bottom of the double sided glue on one side first and place the  Fabric and lining                   on the zip . Use zip foot to sew from the start point and end on the mark point. The same              procedure on the other side

 I) Fabric and lining face to face sew . Remember Lining leave a 10 CM opening for turning .
     Important : Lift up the zip, not to sew the zip as joining the fabric.

 J and K )  Sew the corner .
                 Turning the fabric from the lining opening.

 L, M and N - Open the seam allowance and fold in, same method on the other side.
                       Top stitch 1 round . Important: Just double stitch on both side to prevent the thread run off      when put in kou jin.

 O) Second Top stitch 1.5 CM down from the first top stitch line.

 P, Q , R ) - Cut off three stitches thread
                    Put kou jin in.
                    Sew the opening.

The doctor kou jin pouch has completed.. You may put on the handle as you like.

Noted: Received a few emails for the past two weeks , asked whether can buy the patterns.
            I prefer to share it here , hope that this sharing help you ,  have a happy stitching on it.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TongXue d hands on

On March, i had every great weekend with *Tongxue *to share with them on the handmades.
Nothough , they have no any sewing experience , yet they were try their best n effort on it.
Great to them. ~~

More details n picture , pls click on:

A)    Thanks to"#Tongxue on her  first sewing experience. She took up a beginners project. Kou jin , passport holder n key pouch. (On the month of  Month: March)

B)     Thanks to the *tongxue* for attend the class ( Boston pouch) .

C)     Tongxue Complete Passport Holder. ( Beginners Project )

D)      "Key pouch.

E)    The quilt project  was just join up the borders by one of the *tongxue*. Will proceed to tacking and  the quilting soon

F)   Another tote bag just began by a *tongxue* last Saturday. will continue again coming d saturday.
Thanks for her effort from all the way to attend the class.

G)    A small coin pouch by a * tongxue* on March.