Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TongXue d hands on

On March, i had every great weekend with *Tongxue *to share with them on the handmades.
Nothough , they have no any sewing experience , yet they were try their best n effort on it.
Great to them. ~~

More details n picture , pls click on: 


A)    Thanks to"#Tongxue on her  first sewing experience. She took up a beginners project. Kou jin , passport holder n key pouch. (On the month of  Month: March)

B)     Thanks to the *tongxue* for attend the class ( Boston pouch) .

C)     Tongxue Complete Passport Holder. ( Beginners Project )

D)      "Key pouch.

E)    The quilt project  was just join up the borders by one of the *tongxue*. Will proceed to tacking and  the quilting soon

F)   Another tote bag just began by a *tongxue* last Saturday. will continue again coming d saturday.
Thanks for her effort from all the way to attend the class.

G)    A small coin pouch by a * tongxue* on March.

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