Thursday, August 30, 2012


My daughter received an i pad as a gift from her brother to reward her, did well on her SPM last year.
She used to hand carry the i pad and walk towards the tuition center at Petaling Street.( PA tuition)
I as a mom worry her safety and decided to sew a sling bag for her.

During the Raya holiday, i sat for few hours (ops forgotten to look at the time) making these grey purple canvas fabric sling bag for her . ( cant capture the colors from the shoots)

Made another compartment inside to slot in the i pad.

My daughter prefer to have a plain colors. I sew the cotton strap behind the bag, as it would not so plain.

Friday, August 17, 2012


I Attend thread play workshop on 6 and 7th august 2012. 
This is one of  my unfinished project yet. OOoo, me  need to add oil  lol.....

Libby Lehman from Texas, explained the details .

Had a memories photo with Libby Lehman after the workshop

Thursday, August 2, 2012


My heart was broken tis afternoon.  The story was , i had a plan to move on my another country quilt for my son. I went to the shop tis morning  to pick up some fabrics for the background and tree trunk.  Threads for applique as well as quilting. I was happy cos got all the things i want. 

In the afternoon, after lunch. i though of start on my project. Then i took down the ruler( it was hang on the wall) and wanted to put it on the table . But i did not put it proper. it was fell straight on the floor.....
The moment it fell, my heart followed by it......... DOWN, DEEP..Just like in the sea.........
I sat down on it some time..... Perhaps this is my true lesson for me... I shall have more careful and sincere on it.