Saturday, December 6, 2014

Throwback the year 2013

Today 4/12/2014, will be my last day to conduct handmade workshop in my friend's shop.
Shannon & Brent Cottage will be closing the business by end of December. Soon they will update the news  on the Shannon fan page.

It;s been a year that my friends and i team up to work hard and struggle together to run the handmade shop but.... but finally has failed too.The reason is  that my two friends hardly  have time to run the business on weekdays and i have to take  care of my parents n grandchild on weekdays, and  only can   come in to conduct  workshop on Saturday,  Eventhough we were try struggle not to. But yet still can't , finally my two  friends decide to choose to close the business and  I too respect of  their decisions and appreciate them of  giving their kindness helpful hand of allow me to conduct the workshop in their shop through the past one  year.

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