Thursday, June 28, 2012



来了, 来了,还剩两天要交功课了。我完成了 抱熊熊的可爱女孩短夾包囖.。赶紧 拍

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gee-gee Goo goo to purchase 又败家了

Haiz, come again. My non stop purchase habits is back again. There re a lot of different kind of stabilizer in the market.I  love stabilizer and batting and i always like to try on all sorts of different stabilizer and batting. I prefer to use quality stabilizer to sew my handmade bags. I believe good quality stabilizer act a very important role on the bag and as well as easy to iron on the fabric. I like to play with the different stabilizer on different fabric. Besides stabilizer, cotton batting is another favourite for me , as i love to make quilt. My next project will be a  vintage country quilt for my son's new house
I prefer using cotton batting on quilt , Quilt is like a sandwich, with 3 layers and cotton batting is soft, cozy, comforting hunk of fabric and filling. It is also easy to sew through by hand or machine.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Due to previous hippo bag (sample) was taken home by a walk in customer at fabric fanatics. I made another hippo bag as sample in the workshop again. This time, i change the fabric to hina linen  and  iron words on it . I also use PU Leather to sew for handle. 

I made a patchwork yarn dyed bag.

Another custom order by my Buddhist Taiwan friend. Fabric from Japan . Handle : Leather.