Friday, January 30, 2015

Just sharing of something DIY baby dress

Here i would like to share DIY baby dress that i have spend 3 hours sewing it .
I wasn't a professional dress maker know nothing about it.  But ever since i have a grandchild last year. 
I 've started loves sewing something handmade for her . 

Material : Jessy Fabric - 98cm x 46cm  or half yard.
               White paper to draw d template.
a) Simply pick up an old baby dress that you prefer, fold half to trace the template on the white paper.
b) Add on 1 cm for seam allowance.

c) Fold the fabric half and trace the template. Remember the on fold  template .
     Cut it
 Here it is .

e) Cut the remaining fabric in diagonal for bias.

f)  And sew the bias on the collar and sleeves..

g) Optional, you may add on the lace if you like.

h) Fabric face to face sew

i) Sew  zigzag stitch .

j) The baby dress is ready.
    Perhaps you can add on others accessories like ribbons....
Do stay with us..

Happy Sewing, Ladies.