Thursday, November 8, 2012


I met a young, generous  malay undergrad student from UiTm at Fabric Fanatics 's shop last week. He is a book worm. He reads a lot of  english book. He asked whether can be able to make two book cover on his favourite collections with different fabric. Besides this , he would like to have a compartment to slot in the led light. 
I told him frankly that i have not been sew such a specific  goods before but would like to take this as my  challenge. This young guy say will leave it to me whatever i can.

To sew a book cover is easy. But to sew a book cover with waterproof fabric and to slot in the led light , haha...then it will be another story..  I took 2 days to think of  what are the best way to slot in . I sew , unpick for several times. Finally , i completed it in time. ( He want it within 12 days from the date i accept the order).

Here it is the waterproof fabric book cover. I put up the handle and flip with snap button on it.

This is a book cover with linen fabric.

Sew a compartment for led light , cotton handle and a flip with snap button. Completed on 6th, Nov. 2012

Send  to him personally today.He was very happy of it.

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