Thursday, December 19, 2013


On 16/12/2013 was a challenge to me. Invited by a good friend to  conduct a handmade workshop for a group of children in a Learning Centre. Erm, they have no experience whether on machine nor hand sew. And besides their age are  from standard 1 to 6 only. Haha , is like a test for me. 
I have to think How may i give and ascribe the attention or importance of sewing for the children . I gave the instructions of sewing the straight line by machine and hand stitch on joining the two pieces of fabric . They were actually enjoyed on machine sewing but, haha grumpy on hand stitch .
Due to(  one man power,) only, i can't able to take more photos  as i had to watch them closely while they were sewing the pouch by machine.

The children were busy to choose their favourite kits.

Happy ending with their handmades ( Pencil Pouch)

Another shoots again on their smiles. I love the joyful of the children.
Last but not list, I would like to say thank you  to my good friend for the  invited.

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