Wednesday, October 30, 2013


                              Woohoo, i finally had my blocked date to attend the hand stitch workshop on 24th,
October 2013 by A Japanese Teacher , Akita Keiko' .  .
Everyone says she has a dancing fingers. She sew the running stitch on the joining pieces  with fast n accurate ..Till i  Don't know what to say.....       Sincerely respect Teacher Akita Keiko with her dancing fingers.
Erm , meanwhile.... oops i haven't complete the homework yet.... Nvm, i will post my homework here once finish....ya.  Last thanks to Teacher Akita Keiko of her sharing .

The bag is fully handstitch. 

Look , Isn't it beautiful ,The applique and the embroidery are done by hand. Teacher Akita Keiko.

 I met a handmade friend , Suet Leng at the workshop.

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