Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sewing Zip Pocket.

To ladies (who had attended the sewing handmade classs before) , had forgot some steps of the sewing zip pocket. I now only squeeze the time out to upload it, Sorry, ya. Hope this sharing will help you  for the Happy Stitching .  
                                 1) Prepare 15cm zip.
                                  2) Cut 20cm(Width) x 30cm(Length) for the zip pocket fabric = 1 pc
                                  3) Zip Pocket Fabric =   Position 5 cm down from lining andThen Get the center line and place it face to face.

4)   Zip =Mark the center line and both two end.

5)   Stick on the double sided tape on the zip .

  • 6) Zip Pocket fabric = 2cm down Follow the above picture and draw out the line and sew on the red line.
  • Important : Sew on the exact red line,  

 7) Follow the picture to cut the line.

  • 8) Flip over the pocket fabric from the hole , press it in position and iron it.

  •  9) Zip= Peel off the double sided tape.
  • Place on the right position (picture as above)
  • Prepare the zip foot and sew .

  • Here is the  back of  zip pocket 

 Flip the zip pocket fabric and sew three sides.
Yahoo, the sewing zip pocket have complete.

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