Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Knowing this friend through new technology( facebook). She stays in East Malaysia. We actually have the same interest and passion on handmades. We almost have a phone call to each other every day chatting about handmades, childrens and family, like a very close friends
My first met her in Mid Valley last year. She fly all the way from East Malaysia to KL to meet up with us( a group of handmades firends).
She gave me the image was , a soft spoken , young and small size lady. She tayed inKL for few days. I actully promise to bring her tour around KL and shop for handmade materials. 
But i was regreted and felt sorry .to her that i could not able to make it due to me and my husband have to take my daughter back from National Service from Melaka.
Last year March was her Birthday. Again i did not have the time to sew her a gift.
However today, i made myself to sit down to make a gift for her although her birthday is another one and a half month .


  1. sooo sweet and the beg is adorable sis..i bet she love it the most!!!

  2. Florence, when wanna make this to the workshop list?

  3. It's so nice, sweet, and thoughtful of you to make a handmade bag for your friend. I like the fabric you used! The Red Riding Hood design is so cute!

    Leonia Shearer