Friday, October 26, 2012


I did not seen my second son since Chinese New Year. I was actually really look forward to see him everyday. He flew back last week to attend the brother's wedding and spend a week with us. This is the time we get together and we will cook his favourite food. for him to enjoy. I was also hybernate at home yesterday just to bake some pineapple tarts for him . 
Time really goes fast, a week had gone. The time that he spend with the family is just too short on it.( my emotional , my feeling). He will be flying off back to his working place this evening. Family of us, especially me will be miss him again becuse it will be far along time that we can see each other again.
Son, may the sharing of merits to you, be well and happy always...

Just sharing the dough recipe: 
  Ingredient: Anchor Butter   250g
                   Flour                 400g
                   salt                    1/2 tsp
                   sugar                  1 tsp
                   Egg                     1
a) beat butter n sugar till smooth.
b) Add in egg beat till fluffy, then put in salt and mix in the flour one spoon by one spon until it form a dough..

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  1. 这个黄梨酥很可爱哦。谢谢你的食谱分享!