Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gee-gee Goo goo to purchase 又败家了

Haiz, come again. My non stop purchase habits is back again. There re a lot of different kind of stabilizer in the market.I  love stabilizer and batting and i always like to try on all sorts of different stabilizer and batting. I prefer to use quality stabilizer to sew my handmade bags. I believe good quality stabilizer act a very important role on the bag and as well as easy to iron on the fabric. I like to play with the different stabilizer on different fabric. Besides stabilizer, cotton batting is another favourite for me , as i love to make quilt. My next project will be a  vintage country quilt for my son's new house
I prefer using cotton batting on quilt , Quilt is like a sandwich, with 3 layers and cotton batting is soft, cozy, comforting hunk of fabric and filling. It is also easy to sew through by hand or machine.

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