Monday, May 28, 2012


My coach began to train me every of the alternate day at bukit Kiara since the date of signed up addidas 
marathon. On 27th of May 2012, the first day of  school holiday . We decided a day training at Gunung Nuang. Had a real experience on it. It is located at Ulu Langat . It's 4898ft. Distance 26km. 
In the year of 2010, i did not manage to climb up to top hill. This is my second time , i told myself i have to climb up the top hill. 

Begin to walk in.

Orang Asli settlement.

After a 3 km walk , we reach to the riverside where people camp there.

We just reach to pacat and took a while to have drinks.After a rest , we begin to climb to the top hill.

Wah, thats real tough. i took a pit stop .

When i looked at this , i ask myself can i able to make it to the top? No matter how i have to try it this time.

A virgin jungle reserve.

My coach is also my husband, encourage and accompany me . He was patiently guided me to climb alongway.

Yeah, took a snap , we almost reach to the top.

Finally, i make it this time. 

Although it was really hardship, but i achieve it. Woohoo, 

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