Monday, January 9, 2012


拆了三次。 第一次,车好外面的口袋忘了放上手提把哦。拆。
第2 次和第三次没放D ring  和 Lace。 哈哈, 又拆。

啊! 尽已完成了。这个大包包是做给我的DIL. 可方便她放文件和Labtop。
旁边放上D ring 可当SLING BAG 或手拿。
My first  waterproof fabric pouch was done on last 2011. Dec. That was few project on cosmetic pouch and two small bag.
Today this is my first try on the big bag by using waterproof fabric again. I was so scare during the process, afraid to sew wrong. But i did, i unpick it for three times. 1st time, i was forgot to sew the handle before put on the outer pocket. Hush! unpick. The 2nd tome and 3rd  were again forgot to put up the D ring and the lace for the side. Haiz, again unpick.
Haha... finally, it's done. I completed it. This big waterproof bag is made for my DIL. She can put her file or laptop in to go to work. Put D ring at the side , can be use for Sling bag or Hand Or Shoulder carry.

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