Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This bag has a front pocket with lace and sew with beads on it.
Width 27CM
Length 15CM 
PU Handle 40 CM
Leather snap button 8 CM
 Sew green beads on the lace.

 A pussie roses on the back.

 A plane figure with six straight sides and angles at the bottom.

         If you are interested on it, please mail me

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Sewing Case - Potato Mama Siang Yarl Project

This Project is done on Hand Applique and Machine Quilt.
Since February have joint Patota Mama Siang Yial. I have not started anything yet.
During the month of March, i  begin to the project.

As i have a lot of randoms due to my previous quilt project. I thrown out all the randoms
on the floor and begin to select fabric and colors. I choose one or two fabrics i really like
and use the colors in one of the first fabric i select as a jumping - off point and add fabrics
from there. Then grouping it from light , medium, and dark colors together in sections.
I figure out what's missing from my fabric stash, sort my fabrics by colors, then arrange
each color from lightest to darkest.

After sort out, I then begin to cut out the templete, fabrics. Joint the blocks and applique.
And the inside tool pockets. I stopped here . Could not able to complete it one short because i have to sew some of  my custom order handmade and others Jial Liu Hui homework.

By the time , i had complete my customs orders n other projects. It is in the middle of April.
As time goes very fast.
 Then i am back to my Potato Mama Project again. I started it last Saturday, I had unpick certain
part for change and finally , have completed yesterday.

 Due to i have no shorter zip to fix for my sewing case in my house and i am lazy to drive out to buy.
So i use the 50Cm zip that i had to sew it on and put a button at the end .

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Su PO PO -- PART 2

Emma Cotton Talk Jial Liu Hui Home work Grandma Su - Part 2
Had a bit changes for this time on Grandma Su dress. Sew a blue dress for her.
Bought this two fabric cos of  my Like on colours and the print. 
But do not know what to do with it and kept it in the cupboard 4 years.
Now took it out and applique  a dress for Grandma Su. 
After applique on it , i realize  the fabric print look like a China vase. Hehe....
Don" t you think so? Hehe.........

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Time to pass up my homework. I have no idea for i should do until one of my handmade friend had
share her Shinnie Book 1 to me. And i start to draw a few dolls on my own . I realize tat drawing a doll is not easy as i have rubbed it for many times. Finally i draw two doll , one is for this key pouch and another one is for the purse which i had post it last week. This key pouch and the purse are in one set. Is already belongs to someone.

Monday, April 4, 2011



Just complete a doll purse. Got an idea from Shinnie Book 1 who share from a handmade friend.  
Fall in love it, quick start my draw n sew it. Finally born out a little Shinnie doll purse.