Saturday, August 6, 2011


                    Quilts and patchwork have been part of my adult life for almost 13 years.
    This piece of King size quilt was my first project in the year of 1998. Although it was torn but i still wanted to keep it . Because of my effort , hardwork and ( money spend) and as well as my memory. How did i begin to build up the interest on it? When the early day of my learning, i knew nothing about sewing and no sewing machine. I was inspired by a story about Quilt and patchwork on the Sin Chew Metro Edition. That was the day i started to take up package learning which i realize and so called it is an expensive hobby. And today, it really turn me addicted into it.

 The making of quilts does not require and special skills, just a general knowledge of sewing and the desire to try it. If you can sew a button or mend a hem, you can make a quilt with just a few basic of tools,a small amount of fabric and a little time. You can create your own piece of comforter. Quilt making really gives me a wonderful opportunity to experiment with color, design and texture. Let your imagination guide you in choosing your fabrics and projects. Don't worry about mistakes - they add to the charms of the finished projects.


  This quilt was complete on August , 2010. It it a single quilt and is for a boy 7 years old. It was send to Singapore.

   This Sue Quilt  was complete September, 2010.  Is a Single quilt. Is for a little girl . It was send to Singapore.

  This quilt was complete  March, 2011. It is a Log Cabin quilt in single size. I made it for my daughter.

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