Sunday, January 23, 2011

Patchwork Kuo Chin Pau

 All a long , I have difficult to sew Kuo Chin Pau since i have sew one last year and never did it again.
But begin of January, 2011. In a sudden, my mood of  sewing Kuo Chin Pau is back. So i design a sizeof
Length: 16CM
Width: 12CM
I made a patchwork back ground, and sew a doll on it. This is a front part
 You may put in your  spectacles, ang pow
As for the back, i have sew a patchwork house.After completed this Patchwork Kuo Chin Pau.
I did another one same design but different fabric and d doll is blue dress which i have not post it here
This Kuo Chin Pau has sold out.

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