Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Throwback .

# Throwback.
Sweet memory on March 2015 

 Hooray! Children with their finished project * The rabbit Key House*. Cheers.
 A huge thanks to Clay teacher Shanny and Alicia Lee for letting me  to be part of the holiday camp 19/3/2015. We certainly had a great great time with the children.

Woohoo,  what a grateful sunday i had with my awesome students ... Ida and Ainal

Had a snap snap with my students  finished project.
Ida --Cherry Tote bag and Doctor frame bag.
Ainal  -- Patchwork bag and M shape dinner clutch

Another weekend project completed by my beginner students, fun and easy placemat.

What did i do on Women's Day 2015?  Hahaha... i signed up50KM-  Ultra TiTi100 , one of theAsia  toughest marathon . The run flag off at 12am ,8/3/2015. Just *ngam ngam * to celebrate the Women's day.
 The moment i arrived at the starting point, i saw all the runners equipped them self  all gear and this looks serious to me. OMG ! panic...panic....  tried  to clam down.
tongue emoticonUM is about pain management and strong will.

  I told myself this is really one way ticket and no reverse until to the finishing line after stepping out from the starting point. I must ensure i will cross the finishing line no matter how tough it is.
 my tears drop with unbelievable and amazing of the moment when i hit the finishing line. Yeayyy, i made it
I just can't express the awesome feeling. I am so proud of myself that i could achieved TiTi100 tough race.
Finishing time :  7.:17
Rank : Placing 7 in Women category

Here i would like to thank to my hubby of his greatest support, brought his pillow and blanket slept in the car over night at the run site , just to waited for me .
Thank you for the  priceless moments.
Last but not list, i enjoy the pain and the challenges.....hahaha i am crazy on ultra and soon to be addicted lol....